Find the Best Live Chat Software for Your Business

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Crisp logo

Crisp offers live chat, help docs, status pages, a CRM and email campaigns for customer support and sales at a low and predictable price. It's great value.

90,742 live websites
Free for 2 agents

Intercom logo

Intercom is fantastic software for companies looking to acquire, engage and support customers through live chat. The only downside is unpredictable pricing.

147,488 live websites
14-day trial (credit card required)

LiveChat logo

LiveChat is a very good option for support teams wanting to open another communication channel with their customers.

451,213 live websites
30-day trial

Drift logo

Drift offers live chat as part of their conversational marketing platform, as well as chatbots, meeting bookings and a wealth of integrations.

28,471 live websites
Free for 1 user

Freshchat logo

Freshchat is a tightly focussed and well-designed live chat and messaging application which is part of Freshworks' software suite.

30,114 live websites
Free for 10 users

Olark logo

Olark is a basic but well-designed live chat application with predictable pricing.

31,522 live websites
Free for 1 agent

HubSpot logo

HubSpot is a sales, service and marketing platform. They also offer basic live chat software integrated with a free CRM.

547,779 live websites

JivoChat logo

JivoChat offers basic free and paid-for live chat as well as VoIP telephony, a callback feature and email integration.

248,778 live websites
Free for 5 agents

More Providers

Zendesk Chat logo
Zendesk Chat

154,012 live websites
Free for 1 concurrent chat

Chatra logo

28,845 live websites
Free for 1 agent

Zoho SalesIQ logo
Zoho SalesIQ

88,720 live websites
15-day trial

Acquire logo

296 live websites
30-day trial (credit card required)

Which live chat plugins are best for WordPress and WooCommerce?

If you have the Business plan or your own WordPress install, you can add live chat via a plugin.

I reviewed the the WordPress plugin directory to find out which live chat plugins are the best for WordPress and WooCommerce. Read my article to find out more.

Which live chat software is best for Shopify?

Shopify lists a lot of live chat integrations in their app store.

The following live chat applications are currently rated 4 stars or more, based on the app store user reviews:

Which live chat software is best for Squarespace?

Squarespace does not list any official integrations for live chat software.

However, you can easily add the necessary JavaScript code to get a live chat widget running on your SquareSpace website.

Choose Settings from the left navigation panel, then select Advanced and then select Code Injection. You then enter the code for your live chat widget into either the Header or Footer section, depending on the instructions given to you by your live chat provider. Intercom's code goes into the Header section, for example.

squarespace code injection

Which live chat software is best for Wix?

Wix lists live chat applications in their App Marketplace including LiveChat and Wix's own live chat app.

I need to test out the app integrations before I can make definitive recommendations.

In the meantime, I would recommend installing Wix's own live chat application if you have Wix and need live chat.

Which Live Chat Applications are Ready for the GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an EU data protection law which determines how companies use and protect EU citizens' data.

I looked at 15 live chat applications to see which ones are ready for the GDPR.

Read my article about live chat and the GDPR for more information.